Shoe (01)

Shoe (03)

Shoe (04)

Shoe (08)

Shoe (09)


Shoe (10)

Shoe (13)

Cain and Abel

Free At Last



Be Still


The Happiest Plantation on Earth

All Your Kisses Belong To Me

Will Smile For Chocolate



Washington Shootout

Submerging Naked #48

Submerging Naked #49

Hollywoodland - Gail Russell


Hollywoodland - Ingrid Bergman

Hollywoodland - Olivia DeHaviland

Hollywoodland - June Haver

Hollywoodland - Melvyn Douglas

Hollywoodland - Greer Garson


Hollywoodland - Lana Turner

Hollywoodland - Joan Fontaine

Hollywoodland - Phil Silvers

Hollywoodland - William Bendix

Hollywoodland - Alan Ladd


Submerging Naked #51

Amur Leopard

Mitu Mitu

Santa Monica Shieldback Katydid

Madeiran Large White Butterfly


Stellar Sea Cow

Wyoming Toad


Upland Moa

Good Fortune


Great Auk

Mountain Gorilla

Dutch Alcon Blue Butterfly

Red Scare

Spring Tabonga


Autumn Tabonga

Summer Tabonga

Winter Tabonga

Orb of the Fullness

Highway of Life


Kumkum (i)


Vintage Print 014 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 015 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 016 (Title Unknown)


Vintage Print 002 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 003 (Title Unknown)


Vintage Print 004 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 005 (Title Unknown)


Vintage Print 006 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 007 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 008 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 009 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 010 (Title Unknown)


Vintage Print 011 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 012 (Title Unknown)

Vintage Print 013 (Title Unknown)

Phalaenopsis 'Kelly'

Ici L'Espoir


Phalaenopsis 'Mary'

Phalaenopsis 'Leopard'

Matilija Poppy

Iris "Tickled Pink"

Iris "Cosmic Elegance"


Iris "Cactus Rio"

Gretel's Phalaenopsis


Eschscholzia Californica "California Poppy"

Epiphyllum_A "Rachel"


Epiphyllum "Esther"

Betye B's Phalaenopsis

Betye's Phalenopsis

Camillia Japonica "Kisa"

Rosa "Chrysler Imperial"


Sunflower 'St. James' Helianthus annus

Phalaenopsis "Lavender Bouquet"

Phalaenopsis "Canary Yellow"

Lillium "Michelle Obama"

Athena - Style #418 (necklace)






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